[Solved] Error: Unable to find a match: htop CentOS 8

If you are trying to install htop on CentOS 8 by using the command

sudo yum install htop

and getting this error

Error: Unable to find a match: htop


This is because the correct repository is not added to your system.

htop is part of EPEL release so you will need to enable it.

To fix this follow these simple 2 steps:

Step 1: Add EPEL repository

sudo yum install epel-release

Press ‘y’ key and then enter when asked

You will see a screen like this


Step 2: Install htop

Run the command to install htop

sudo yum install htop

This will first update the index and then download and install htop.


If everything goes well you will have a working htop.

You can run htop by using the command


you will see something like this


If you face any problem let me know in the comment below.