About Installing.in

I have a hobby of learning things on the internet. Mostly about how to do things done. Most of these require installing various things on servers.
Take for example, during the past few days I have:

  • installed OpenVPN server on one of my VPS
  • installed clients on mac, windows 10 and android to use the above-mentioned VPN
  • installed discourse forum software on another VPS
  • installed ghost blog engine for this blog which you are reading
  • installed the apache server to work with Ghost although the documentations were suggesting I should go with Nginx.
  • and currently installing Jekyll blog engine on my mac to test locally.
  • maybe more which I am not remembering at this time.

I like to keep track of what I have done so I can reproduce it quickly next time I want to do it. Searching the internet for proper instructions takes time and if you have instructions in your own words it makes getting things done much faster.

Now I am making this blog to keep all the notes in one place and maybe it will help others in some way.

Update: Loved ghost but moved this blog to WordPress because I need auto-linking in blog posts for certain keywords to direct users to correct pages. I may need more such functionalities that I know exists in WordPress but not in ghost. If you are into simple content creation and writing your mind out ghost is great for that.