How to Install Nodejs on Ubuntu 20.04

Nodejs is a javascript runtime environment that got popular very quickly. It has got a huge developer community and is still developing very fast. Nodejs can be installed directly from…

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Installing Percona MongoDB on Ubuntu 18.04

Percona Server for MongoDB is mostly the same as MongoDB server that you can install from the Ubuntu repository but percona mongodb comes with few additional features like pluggable storage…

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installing openresty

How to install Openresty on Ubuntu 18.04

Openresty is a web app server built on popular Nginx web server with lots of advanced features built-in. It is almost a drop-in replacement for Nginx. Openresty has many built-in…

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installing transmission

Installing Torrent Client on VPS : Transmission

There are many torrent clients available that can be installed on a VPS and you can download files directly to your VPS and later transfer them to your local machine….

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installing letsencrypt

How to install Letsencrypt with NobeBB and Nginx

In my last tutorial I wrote about how to install nodeBB on ubuntu 14.04 and use nginx as reverse proxy to serve nodeBB. In this tutorial we will install letsencrypt SSL…

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How to Install NodeBB on Ubuntu 14.04

An updated version of this tutorial available at installation of nodeBB on ubuntu 16.04. I recommend you follow that. NodeBB is a modern style forum software built on latest technologies…

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