How to Set up Letsencrypt Auto Renewal

Letsencrypt.org issued SSL certificates are valid for 90 days and you will need to renew it manually to continue using the certificates. As I am writing this, there is no…

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installing letsencrypt

How to install Letsencrypt with NobeBB and Nginx

In my last tutorial I wrote about how to install nodeBB on ubuntu 14.04 and use nginx as reverse proxy to serve nodeBB. In this tutorial we will install letsencrypt SSL…

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How to Install NodeBB on Ubuntu 14.04

An updated version of this tutorial available at installation of nodeBB on ubuntu 16.04. I recommend you follow that. NodeBB is a modern style forum software built on latest technologies…

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About Installing.in

I have a hobby of learning things on the internet. Mostly about how to do things done. Most of these require installing various things on servers. Take for example, during…

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